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Kelly Turner

Flood Plain Manager


Larry Schmidt

Chief Inspector


At Alpha Inspections Inc. we feel it is our obligation and our promise to provide the most professional building inspection service possible.  We only hire the most experienced and most capable inspectors, plan reviewers and building officials available.

We can sleep at night knowing that the structures we inspect have been thoroughly inspected to be as safe as possible.

Dwayne Ausley

Plan Reviewer


Alpha Inspections Inc - Providing professional building inspection services since 2002.

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Jeff Gerling

Vice President

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Matt Fretwell

Building Official


Experience is key when it comes to providing the highest level of inspections and plan reviews.  Our team boast one of the most experienced line of personnel in the industry.  Our least experienced team member has over 20 years experience in the construction and inspection field, with the average years of experience approaching 30.  With that amount of experience, you can count on professional results.

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Jordan Freeman

Permit Tech


Victor Otero

Commercial Inspector